Celebrate Good Times

FireworksThe week of Thanksgiving afforded us some much needed time for reflection at our house. We are a move things forward kind of group. Whenever we have a placement with developmental delays or medical issues we are very proactive about therapy and medical appointments. On the face of it this seems like a good way to be. However, a major shortcoming of this is that we hardly ever stop and celebrate achievements together. There lies the problem with moving forward all of the time, you never take a minute to look back.

Now achievements come in all shapes and sizes. For some it might take the shape of working hard on a presentation and for others it might be remembering to turn out a light when they leave a room.

So, we have decided to celebrate our victories as a group. We usually do this around dinner time or if we are all in the car together. Every child gets praised while their siblings clap and cheer their name. The kids love this activity. Sometimes they ask for it. Brooklyn will say, “Dada, tell me not to drink my milk…(2,3,4)…now clap” with a huge grin on her face.

It is easier to bring about healing and change with positive interactions rather than with negative ones. We need to plant successes in the hearts and minds of our kids in the same way the Israelites would build altars to remember the Lord’s favor to them. For our kids it helps change their narrative from a negative one to a positive one.


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